Every day the gap gets wider. Not just the gap between the wealthy and the poor. It’s the gap between talk and action.

Rights. Equality. Justice for all. Easy to say, but where’s our action? 

As you read these words, people, villages, and businesses in conditions you can’t imagine are devising solutions you’d never expect. 

Because for those with nothing, action is everything. Enough pitying them. It’s time we learn from them. Enough overlooking them. It’s time we understand them: Their challenges are unique, their potential, vast. It’s time we use the tools, the means, the goals we’ve always had, to invest in them. 

This is a movement— from our economy’s failed history, toward humanity’s future.


Origin Capital’s mission is to develop high-impact investments that allow Canadians to build wealth responsibly while also tackling the root causes of global inequality.

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Investing in the fight against inequality

We are a high-impact investing initiative. We go where vulnerable people need capital most, not necessarily where we think we’ll achieve the highest return. 

We believe in transparency.  We rigorously measure, manage, and communicate our impact. 

We are powered by World Vision*.  Through World Vision, Origin Capital can: 

  • Reach a global footprint: World Vision employs over 37,000 staff in nearly 100 countries 
  • Foster community relationships: 99% of staff are local and have a long-term commitment to the communities they work in 
  • Offer expertise and experience: World Vision has expertise across a wide range of sectors, including health, nutrition, education and more

What is Unique About Origin Capital? 

The Power of Your Donation

Your donation provides critical funding that allows us to improve our programs, enhance our impact, innovate, and build a suite of high-impact investments that will ultimately allow us to use investment capital as a force for good.

Our SDG Focus

The United Nations created the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a universal call to action to end poverty, heal our planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Each of the 17 goals has specific targets to be achieved by the year 2030. We concentrate on the following SDGs: 

Many of our programs focus on creating more stable livelihoods. A more-stable income has a direct effect on food security for families and children.

Whether it’s cleaning up plastic pollution in the Philippines, improving the lives of Indian waste-pickers or helping youth in Ethiopia cope with addiction, Origin Capital’s programs invest in ideas that combat some of the toughest health challenges in the developing world.

Ensuring gender equity is integral to all of the work that we do. We not only pursue solutions that directly improve the lives of women and girls, but we also apply a “gender lens” across all of our work. Put simply, that means we also consider the indirect impact our investments make and favour investments with the potential to boost equality. 

At the foundation of it all is the pursuit of providing decent, dignified work to vulnerable people so that they’re able to break the cycle of poverty and participate in decision-making in their communities.

Our Programs

We invest in the fight against inequality through our three main programs: 

Gender Impact Fund

We invest in social change through our Gender Impact Fund. The Origin Capital Gender Impact Fund provides seed money of between CA$100,000 and CA$500,000 to social enterprises with sustainable business models.

“It was really clutch timing. It allowed us to stay in business, for one, so it saved the organization. It allowed us to have the working capital to allow us to purchase the plastic and sell it to generate revenue. We were able to hire a couple new staff.”

— Andrew Almack,
Founder/CEO, Plastics For Change

Small and Growing Business Bond

We invest in communities through our Small and Growing Business Bond. The Small and Growing Business Bond provides loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries who might otherwise lack access to financing. Investors in Canada earn a 3% annual return over a three-year period. **

Youth Works 

We invest in young people through our Youth Works program, an innovative and sustainable method of funding higher education for disadvantaged youth. We provide former sponsor children with tuition funding, a living stipend, and life-skills training while they’re in school; upon graduation, students are matched with partner employers and repay the investment through an income-sharing agreement. 

Where We Work

With the support of generous donors and investors, Origin Capital is raising funds to give an opportunity to businesses and communities in these countries. 


The Power of Your Investment

Our Origin Capital Small & Growing Business Bond is a 3-year fixed-term investment that pays 3% annual interest **. Your investment provides the loan capital necessary to transform a livelihood business into a thriving small business that can create decent jobs and economic growth. 

As former corporate CEOs, we have witnessed the positive power of business. In 2015, we helped World Vision’s impact investing arm (now called Origin Capital) and VisionFund International to create the Small and Growing Business program.  We chose World Vision as our partner due to the breadth of its reach and have been extremely impressed by the quality and commitment of its teams in the field. We are excited about the long-term impact of the Small and Growing Business program and invite you to join us as we aim for global impact.

Kerry and Mandy Shapansky
the Shapansky Foundation

Together, let’s invest in the fight against inequality.

To speak to an advisor today, contact info@origincapital.co

*Trademark of World Vision Canada. Origin Capital is a part of World Vision Canada. 
© 2020 World Vision, Inc. All rights reserved.  |  Business Registration Number: 119304855RR0001 

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Investing in the fight against inequality

As of January 2020, Origin Capital is no longer accepting new impact investments, with immediate effect.  

If you are interested in donating please contact Sarah Nelems, Director of Philanthropy at sarah_nelems@worldvision.ca 

or visit https://donate.worldvision.ca/collections/donations 

As of January 2020, Origin Capital is no longer accepting new impact investments, with immediate effect.
If you are interested in donating please contact Sarah Nelems, Director of Philanthropy at 
sarah_nelems@worldvision.ca or visit https://donate.worldvision.ca/collections/donations 

*Trademark of World Vision Canada. Origin Capital is a part of World Vision Canada. 

© 2020 World Vision, Inc. All rights reserved.  |  Business Registration Number: 119304855RR0001

*Trademark of World Vision Canada. Origin Capital is a part of World Vision Canada.

© 2020 World Vision, Inc. All rights reserved.  |  Business Registration Number: 119304855RR0001